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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 9 Number 2 1997

bulletRecurring issues in auditing: back to the future?
Roy Chandler; John Richard Edwards (pp. 4 - 29) [Download]
bulletAccounting for public accounts committees
Pieter Degeling; Janet Anderson; James Guthrie (pp. 30 - 49) [Download]
bulletDo Australian companies report environmental news objectively?: An analysis of environmental disclosures by firms prosecuted successfully by the Environmental Protection Authority
Craig Deegan; Michaela Rankin (pp. 50 - 67) [Download]
bulletImproving the communication of accounting information through cartoon graphics
Malcolm Smith; Richard Taffler (pp. 68 - 85) [Download]
bulletReadability of annual reports: Western versus Asian evidence - a comment to contexualize
Michael John Jones (pp. 86 - 91) [Download]
bulletPerformance auditing, new public management and performance improvement: questions and answers
Frans L Leeuw (pp. 92 - 102) [Download]