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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 9 Number 3 1997

bulletCritical and interpretive histories: insights into accounting's present and future through its past
Garry D Carnegie; Christopher J Napier (pp. 7 - 39) [Download]
bulletThe development of accounting in mid-nineteenth century Britain: a non-disciplinary view
Trevor Boyns; John Richard Edwards (pp. 40 - 60) [Download]
bulletInside contracting at the Waltham Watch Company: Reassessing the economic rationalist and labour process perspectives
Richard K Fleischman; Thomas Tyson (pp. 61 - 78) [Download]
bulletRadicalizing accounting history: the potential of oral history
Theresa Hammond; Prem Sikka (pp. 79 - 97) [Download]
bulletPropaganda, attitude change and uniform costing in the British printing industry, 1913-1939
Stephen P Walker; Falconer Mitchell (pp. 98 - 126) [Download]
bulletObjectivity and the role of history in the development and review of accounting standards
Joni J Young; Tom Mouck (pp. 127 - 147) [Download]