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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 9 Number 4 1997

bulletComprehensive and incremental budgeting in education: The construction and management of formula funding in three English local education authorities
Pam Edwards; Mahmoud Ezzamel; Keith Robson; Margaret Taylor (pp. 4 - 37) [Download]
bulletPreserving history in accounting: seeking common ground between "new" and "old" accounting history
Warwick Funnell (pp. 38 - 64) [Download]
bulletThe influence of underlying metaphysical notions on our interpretation of accounting
S Velayutham; M.H.B. Perera (pp. 65 - 85) [Download]
bulletMethodological themes : Theories and case studies of organizational accounting practices: limitation or liberation?
Christopher Humphrey; Robert W Scapens (pp. 86 - 106) [Download]
bulletCommentaries: Are accounting researchers under the tyranny of single theory perspectives?
Joni Young; Alistair Preston (pp. 107 - 111) [Download]
bulletTheories for theorists or theories for practice? Liberating academic accounting research?
Sue Llewellyn (pp. 112 - 118) [Download]
bulletRhetoric and case study research: response to Joni Young and Alistair Preston and to Sue Llewellyn
Christopher Humphrey; Robert W Scapens (pp. 119 - 122) [Download]