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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 9 Number 5 1997

bulletA tragedy of understanding; accounting for ontological security
Ian Colville; Laurie McAulay (pp. 7 - 22) [Download]
bulletAccounting/art and the emancipatory project: some reflections
Sonja Gallhofer; Jim Haslam (pp. 23 - 44) [Download]
bulletMetaphor in accounting discourse
L. Melissa Walters-York (pp. 45 - 70) [Download]
bulletPolitical arithmetick: accounting for irony in Swift’s A Modest Proposal
Robert Phiddian (pp. 71 - 83) [Download]
bulletEnabling accountability in museums
Garry D. Carnegie; Peter W. Wolnizer (pp. 84 - 99) [Download]
bulletAccountability versus artistic development
Ruth Rentschler; Brad Potter (pp. 100 - 113) [Download]
bulletArt and accountability: the languages of design and managerial control
Peter Armstrong; Anne Tomes (pp. 114 - 125) [Download]