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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 10 Number 2 1997

bulletThe direction of green accounting policy: critical reflections 
Sonja Gallhofer; Jim Haslam (pp. 148 - 174) [Download]
bulletThe interactive effect of budget emphasis, participation and task difficulty on managerial performance: a cross-cultural study 
Chong M Lau; Liang C Low; Ian R C Eggleton (pp. 175 - 197) [Download]
bulletFrom balance sheet to income statement: a study of a transition in accounting thought in the USA, 1926-1936 
Dale Buckmaster; Scott Jones (pp. 198 - 211) [Download]
bulletMethodological themes: Back to the drawing board: revisiting grounded theory and the everyday accountant's and manager's reality
Lee D Parker; Bet H Roffey (pp. 212 - 247) [Download]