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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 10 Number 3 1997

bulletContrasting world views on accounting: Accountability and Aboriginal culture
Andrew Chew; Susan Greer (pp. 276 - 298) [Download]
bulletThe ethics of care and new paradigms for accounting practice
Sara Reiter (pp. 299 - 324) [Download]
bulletStruggling with the praxis of social accounting: Stakeholders, accountability, audits and procedures
Rob Gray; Colin Dey; Dave Owen; Richard Evans; Simon Zadek (pp. 325 - 364) [Download]
bulletEngagement, education and sustainability: A review essay on environmental accounting
Jan Bebbington (pp. 365 - 381) [Download]
bulletThe power of accounting: reflecting on water privatization?
Jean Shaoul (pp. 382 - 405) [Download]
bulletAccounting and trust in the enabling of long-term relations
Willie Seal; Peter Vincent-Jones (pp. 406 - 431) [Download]
bulletExploring accounting education's enabling possibilities: An analysis of a management accounting text
Suresh Cuganesan; Roger Gibson; Richard Petty (pp. 432 - 453) [Download]
bulletA mind is a wonderful thing to waste: "think like a commodity", become a CPA
Tony Tinker; Athina Koutsoumadi (pp. 454 - 467) [Download]