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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 10 Number 5 1997

bulletDeveloping empirical research: an example informed by a Habermasian approach
Jane Broadbent; Richard Laughlin (pp. 622 - 648) [Download]
bullet The incidence of budgetary slack: a field study exploration 
Alan S Dunk; Hector Perera (pp. 649 - 664) [Download]
bulletAccounting systems and systems of accountability in the New Zealand health sector
S Lawrence; M Alam; D Northcott; T Lowe (pp. 665 - 683) [Download]
bullet Users' rights to published accounting information: nature, justification and implications
P.A. Stanton (pp. 684 - 701) [Download]
bullet The expanded audit report - a research study within the development of SAS 600 
John Innes; Tom Brown; David Hatherly (pp. 702 - 717) [Download]
bullet Ritualism, opportunism and corporate disclosure in the New Zealand life insurance industry: field evidence
Mike Adams (pp. 718 - 734) [Download]