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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 14 Number 4 2001


Sunrise in the knowledge economy: Managing, measuring and reporting intellectual capital 
James Guthrie; Richard Petty; Ulf Johanson (pp. 365 - 384) [Download]


Thinking critically about intellectual capital accounting 
Robin Roslender; Robin Fincham (pp. 383 - 399) [Download]

bulletValuing the future: intellectual capital supplements at Skandia
J Mouritsen; H.T. Larsen; P.N. Bukh (pp. 399 - 422) [Download]
bulletReporting intellectual capital in annual reports: evidence from Ireland
Niamh Brennan (pp. 423 - 436) [Download]
bulletValuing intellectual capacity in the police
Paul M Collier (pp. 437 - 455) [Download]
bulletReporting on intellectual capital
Jeltje van der Meer-Kooistra; Siebren M Zijlstra (pp. 456 - 476) [Download]
bulletInternational accounting disharmony: the case of intangibles 
Hervé Stolowy; Anne Jeny-Cazavan (pp. 477 - 497) [Download]
bulletFinancial institutions, intangibles and corporate governance 497
John Holland (pp. 497 - 529) [Download]