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Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Volume 15 Number 1 2002

bulletStandard costing and budgetary control in the British iron and steel industry;  A study of accounting change
John Richard Edwards, Trevor Boyns and Mark Matthews (pp. 12 - 45)
bulletProfessionalism, organizational-professional conflict and work outcomes; A study of certified management accountants
William E. Shafer, L. Jane Park, Woody M. Liao (pp. 46 - 69)
bulletFinancial accounting reforms in the Australian public sector; An episode in institutional thinking
Brad Potter (pp. 69 - 93)
bulletEnvironmental disclosure by companies involved in initial public offerings
Martin Freedman, A.J. Stagliano (pp. 94 - 105)
bulletThe use of critical ethnography as an active research methodology
Colin Dey (pp. 106 - 121)